Colors, pretty colors!

The scars on my legs have rendered me unfit to wear short, filmy summer dresses. To comfort myself, I splurge on nail polish.

Here’s my loot from last night:

Bottles and books

Skin Food has a great collection of bright, candy-colored, totally wearable polish. My sucky camera doesn’t quite capture how awesome these colors are. The four on the left are from their Pedicure Vita collection. The pink and orange on the extreme left are much more vivid than what’s on the screen, while the one beside the green is not blue but a gorgeous shade of shimmery purple. My camera captured the Nail Vita colors on the right more faithfully. I am loving the dark teal.

I haven’t tried any of them on yet, but I’ve used Nail Vita before and it’s extremely easy to apply. Pictures later, when I get around to giving myself a manicure.

Now, if only these Korean brands would assign cute nail polish names instead of color codes and numbers…


6 thoughts on “Colors, pretty colors!

  1. I forgot to ask, are they long lasting? Because I only get a pedicure once in two weeks, and that’s why I prefer using ORLY or OPI coz they just last longer and chip less often than other polish.

    • No, I remember the Nail Vita I used before lasted around 5 days before chipping. My manicures don’t last that long, anyway. I get bored and change my nail color every 3-4 days.

      • How about sa pedicure? Also, I can’t put polish on my own if my life depended on it. And so, I need to pay someone else to put it on me. :p

        • Ay, di ko pa alam kung gaano katagal ang pedicure. I’ve had mine for 2 days now. I’ll let you know later this week how soon the polish chips.

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