Gadget fail

Follow-up to yesterday’s post: I can’t post pictures of my pretty toenails painted with Skin Food’s Pedicure Vita #05 (which, according to their website, is called French Kiss. Why can’t these names be printed on the bottles for easier name recall?). The polish looks royal blue in the photos no matter what I do. For a moment, I thought I’d become color blind. But no, my brother confirmed that the polish is purple.

Hear that, Canon Ixus 8015? It’s purple. Poiple.

Sigh. I want a new camera.


2 thoughts on “Gadget fail

  1. In case you didn’t realize, the Canon cameras have a tendency to take extremely warm photos. I have no idea how purple + yellow could end up blue though.

    • I don’t know if it’s the lighting in the house. We tweaked the camera settings. Didn’t work. Still blue. Or maybe the polish just doesn’t photograph well. It looks dark purplish blue on the Skin Food website. 😛

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