Fruit in a bottle of lacquer

Skin Food Juice Tox Nail

Four cute round bottles, four fruity nail colors

Quick question: Why is Skin Food‘s Juice Tox nail polish line called Juice Tox? Were they going for something healthy and natural-sounding, i.e. detox? The word “tox” makes me think of something radioactive, but that’s just me.

Two weeks ago, I passed by the Skin Food store in Glorietta and spotted the cutest bottles of nail polish I have ever seen. Despite my puzzlement over the name, I was immediately attracted to Juice Tox’s refreshingly fruity colors and decided I needed to get at least a few bottles for myself.

I tried #4 (the sunny, lemony yellow) on my fingernails and #7 (the eggplant, er, grape shade)  on my toenails when I got home. The polish was thicker and inkier than other brands I use. I also might have brushed it on a little thick, because it ended up looking and feeling gooey on my nails.

I decided yellow was just not my (nail) color and repainted my fingernails with #1 (a beautiful strawberry red in the bottle, a vivid tomato red on my nails). It was less gooey than #4 and had a glossy, wet finish

Later, I read a couple of reviews saying the polish doesn’t dry completely and people end up with fabric marks on their nails after wearing the polish overnight. I didn’t wake up with fabric marks, but I did get a lot of bubbles and my nail tips showed after a couple of days.

The trick is to apply thin coats using very quick strokes, as the polish on the brush tends to dry out quickly. Give more time for individual coats to dry before applying the next coat or the top coat. I used #6 (the gumball blue) last Wednesday and got a much better finish than before. There’s still some bubbling on the surface of my left pinkie nail and both thumb nails.

Overall, I still think think the formula is wearable. Not easy to work with, but wearable. And those colors are perfect for summer.

Skin Food Juice Tox loot

Blue-tipped loot

Juice Tox loot, another angle

Another angle


3 thoughts on “Fruit in a bottle of lacquer

  1. Walang Juice Tox dito sa SG. But it’s ok, because it has some similar colors with Nail Vita & Pedicure Vita. I got you some extras last night. Di ko na maalala kung ano. Hahaha.

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