Popsicle for your nails

I’ve been buying makeup and skincare products from Etude House since I discovered their Festival Mall branch last year, but I haven’t tried their nail polish until now. Yesterday, while waiting for the movie to start, I went to the store and bought a few bottles of nail polish.

My favorite of the lot is the Tangerine Petit Darling Nails Kit.

Tangerine trio, plus Jelly Pop top coat

I first read about this little box of pretty at Polish Police and had to get it for myself. It looks so fruity and shiny and sparkly, and you expect the polish to smell like Jellyace. Or a fruity martini.

Left to right: Tangerine Pink, Sparkling Tangerine, Bling Bling Tangerine. Yes, I do my nails in front of my computer.

It’s a set of translucent polish that’s meant to be layered. You get a yummy orange-pink gradient, like a tri-color jelly popsicle.


Because Tangerine Pink is very close to my nails’ natural color, it makes them look longer. From far away, it looks like I have popsicles growing out of my fingers.

I topped off with Etude House Jelly Pop Nail Top Coat, which is supposed to provide “high gloss” and strength.

Sadly, my base coat (OPI Start To Finish) can’t keep the discoloration away. After this week, I’ll need to give my nails a rest from polish for, oh, maybe two weeks.


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