Traffic and thunder

I think most everyone in the city went out yesterday to celebrate Mother’s Day so they could watch the Manny Pacquiao-Shane Mosley fight today. Family and I went to watch Thor. Mother took a shortcut through a gated neighborhood. It took us 40 minutes to clear a 30-meter stretch and exit to the main road.

I wasn’t too keen on watching Thor and actually thought about watching Beastly instead. I didn’t really care about the story, or lack thereof — I just wanted to gaze at Alex Pettyfer. Then I decided I didn’t need to see him on the big screen. This was before I realized Neil Patrick Harris was also in the movie. By then, we’d already bought tickets to Thor and I didn’t want to line up again with the Fast 5 crowd just to exchange my ticket. Damn it, Barney Stinson!

So, Thor it was. Thor is not my favorite Avenger. I didn’t care for the character, the comics or the lame cartoon. The movie? Is made of cheese. Which is to say it was fun but forgettable. Chris Hemsworth is hot, though. And I squeed at Jeremy Renner’s cameo as Hawkeye. That’s probably reason enough to watch the movie.


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