Just sweet enough

Yesterday and today, I played with a few of my Etude House loot from last week. Specifically, these:

Etude House Dear Darling WH004 (left) and BL009 (right) with their little sister, Petit Darling PK010.

Can I just restate my request for the Korean brands to please come up with creative names instead of color and number codes for their nail polish? Thank you.

Anyway, the black and the blue polish are from the Etude House Dear Darling Nails Bling Bling line, which are supposed to be “infused with luxurious pearl for shimmering effect.” Well, it looks more glittery than pearly, actually.

Eek! Dry, ugly cuticles!

WH004 is an almost sheer black with green, purple and silver glitter. Very sexy. I don’t normally wear black nail polish, though. I think I’ll save this for special occasions.

BL009 is my favorite of the three and I’m wearing it as I type this entry. It’s a bright, cheery blue with with fine gold glitter. It looks bluer in the photo; on my nails, it’s almost dark green. The formula dries fairly quickly, which sucks for me since I have shaky hands. I didn’t even have time to attack the spills with a corrector pen. Hence, the messy application.

The sweet pink one is from the Petit Darling line. I bought it because I saw another customer swatching it on and her nails looked like candy.

PK010 looks very warm in the photo, but it’s actually bluish and does not complement my skin tone. The formula is sheer. I used three coats and the strokes are quite visible here because the brush is thin and doesn’t cover a wide area. Also, I tend to apply thick coats. But! This formula did not give me bubbles. I used Jelly Pop top coat to add gloss and shine.

These photos look better than my previous photos because I remembered only yesterday that my sucky camera has a digital macro setting. o_O I’ll retake photos for the earlier nail polish entries when I get around to using those shades again.

By the way, I hadn’t intended to turn this into a nail polish blog, but that’s what it’s starting to look like, isn’t it? If I ever start obsessing about, I don’t know, neon argyle socks, I’m turning this into a sock blog.


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