Something wicked, something permed

I’m supposed to be too tired to blog tonight, but something compelled me to. I was suddenly reminded of heady, fangirly days of yore, when J-rock stars did unspeakably cruel things to themselves, to the horror of fans.

Things like this:

Yukihiro, circa 2001? 2002? Photo from a Japanese magazine.

This atrocity is so foul, it took me two hours to find a single photo. It wasn’t even the one I had in mind — the one I wanted had Yuki up there looking down, the better to show off those curls. Google failed to give me something decent. I was ready to give up and call it a night, read a few pages off David Mitchell’s Ghostwritten before dropping off to sleep. Luckily, there’s Facebook.

So what brought on this frantic search for an abomination the fandom seems determined to bury in its collective subconscious forever*?


Photo from Dir en Grey official site

Kaoru. What the HELL!

Sources: Arama, Dir en Grey official site

* Okay, I’m just dramatizing. I think most of the old L’Arc-en-Ciel scans just got wiped out when Geocities, where the old fan sites used to be, was killed off the interwebs.


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