Wicked game

I refer, of course, to this:

Dragon Age: Origins Collector's Edition box


Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II

And this:

Deborah Lippmann Wicked Game

Is it any coincidence? Oh, I’m sure it is. I’ve never heard of a nail polish color being named after a fantasy role-playing game. But then, my exposure to brands and colors is fairly limited so what do I know? Dragon Age II characters wear nail polish, though. In some of her DA2 cut scenes, Merrill can be seen wearing dark red polish, perhaps to reinforce her status as a blood mage. Merrill — and, indeed, all but one of the elves in DA2 — looks like an insect. Pretty but thin, pointy, fluttery and, er, insect-y . With nail polish she looks badass.

I could go on for pages about how awesome these games are, and how they are quite made of crack and I lose sleep over figuring out character development and combat strategies and whatnot. But I won’t. All this is to say that Deborah Lippmann’s Wicked Game is just as awesome and just as pretty.

I see Lippmann nail polish on Rustan’s counters all the time and they’re pricier than OPI and Essie. I told myself after my MAC Quite Cute collection splurge that I wouldn’t buy nail polish that costs more than PHP400 again for a while. But two weeks ago, while waiting for Pirates of the Caribbean to start, Tare-chan and I passed by Rustan’s Shangri-la and I saw this bottle of understated gorgeousness  peeking from behind a row of reds. And I do not regret paying PHP695 for it.

In the photo on Deborah Lippmann‘s website, Wicked Game is almost purple. The site describes it more accurately as a “swirling lavender gray (iridescent).” There are glimmers of silver and pink, depending on the way the light hits the nail. Under crappy fluorescent light, the shade is more predominantly lavender. In daylight, it resembles the kind of moody, gloomy weather we had in my corner of the world this afternoon.

It was past 7 pm when I took these photos and the lighting in the room is bad. Suffice it to say, these pictures do not accurately portray the beauty of this polish. I’ll take more pictures tomorrow morning when (hopefully) the lighting is better.


Here are the pictures I took about an hour ago.

It looks more silvery here than in the pics I took last night.


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