A cocktail of rose and bronze: Etude House Aloha Cocktail Syrup

Remember Etude House’s pretty, pretty Petit Darling Tangerine kit?

This refreshing pop of orange popsicle for the nails?

Left to right: Tangerine Pink, Sparkling Tangerine, Bling Bling Tangerine

I wore it yesterday when I went to SM Southmall to buy some new clothes and watch Kung Fu Panda 2.

SM Southmall is newly renovated, has new shops and is generally shinier than before. It held a three-day sale to mark Philippine Independence Day (today). Sadly, it still has those annoying salespeople who accost shoppers and follow them around like buzzing insects, yammering and waving flyers for credit cards, discount cards or real estate — honestly, I have no idea and I don’t care, I just want to be left alone to shop in peace.

I encountered two of those people as I made my way to the bank to withdraw money. One person waylaid me on my way to the bank, one person waved pamphlets in my face as I left the bank. As it happens, my bank sits right across a shiny, happy store all done up in pink.

Etude House!

I made a beeline for the nail polish stand. I wanted to see if they had any new colors, or if they had the Crack polish that I want to try on as I wait for Mumu to send my OPI Silver Shatter and other nail polish I asked her to buy for me.

As I picked up testers at random, a salesgirl approached, pointed at my nails and said they had new gradation shades in stock. Indeed, on the promo counter where the Miss Tangerine display used to be, there was a new display featuring the Etude House Aloha collection.

And sitting in that display stand: the Cocktail Syrup Nails Kits.

I do not like the color of those boxes. I mean, I love pink but not that shade. The packaging design also could use some work. It resembles the packaging of every other product that’s being pitched at 8- to 10-year-old-girls and their obliging mommies. But then, I am an old lady in her early 30s. I am not the target market of this collection, never mind that the product name contains the word “cocktail” and calls to mind images of late-night beach parties where people wear skimpy swimsuits and consume lots and lots of alcohol. Ahem.

The Cocktail Syrup Nails Kit has two sets. Rose Cocktail has candy-pink shades.

Like a strawberry martini, perhaps?

Left to right: Rose Pink Nail Color, Sparkling Rose Pearl Coat, Bling Bling Rose Pearl Coat

No, more like a Four Seasons.

Sunshine Bronze is a glammed up mix of beige, bronze and gold. The product description says they’re supposed to resemble the Hawaiian sunshine.

They’re more like a root beer float. Or a Long Island iced tea that has bits of gold.

Left to right: Beige Nail Color, Sparkling Bronze Pearl Coat, Bling Bling Bronze Pearl Coat

I couldn’t decide which one to wear first so I decided to wear them together.

Layer 1. On thumb, middle and pinkie fingers: Beige. On index and ring fingers: Rose Pink.

 The base colors are sheer and slightly similar (though not identical) shades. You can hardly tell them apart. You can, however, see the yellow stains on my nails through them. Urgh!

Layer 2. On thumb, middle and pinkie fingers: Rose Pink and Sparkling Rose. On index and ring fingers: Beige and Sparkling Bronze.

With the Sparkling shades layered over, you can already tell the rose from the bronze.

Layer 3. On thumb, middle and pinkie finger: Rose Cocktail. On index and ring fingers: Sunshine Bronze.

Finished! And so sparkling and pretty!

And now, I am thirsty for a cocktail.

Etude House Aloha Cocktail Syrup Nails Kit costs PHP328 a box and is available at Etude House branches in SM Southmall and Festival Supermall.


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