I need breakfast food

I feel as if I’m going to be sick. The weather can’t decide if this time of year is supposed to be sticky and sweltering, or wet and muddy, and it is wreaking havoc on my system. Thing is, I don’t know if my body will give in to fever or if it will carry on like a dehydrated slug for a week.

It’s probably because of the flu shot I got a few months ago. It’s kept the flu at bay but it’s also tricked my body into thinking it’s in perfectly good shape health when really it should be resting. (What shape? My body hasn’t been in good shape in about 10 years. Sigh.)

At times like this, I need food. Comfort food. Breakfast food.

I want to cook this.

“This soup was always a favorite on a chilly day. It’s sweet and spicy, and although you can serve it at lunch or dinner, I prefer it for breakfast, with more yogurt stirred in.”

Our days in this little tropical island are rarely chilly. But I want this soup anyway.

Recipe source: The New York Times, which is now subscription-based. It gives non-subscribers a limited number of free articles every month, though.


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