Tony Moly and the deranged butterfly

What the title says. Finally I get to try Tony Moly products for myself instead of hearing Mumu rave about it.

I passed by SM Makati earlier to check if they have Orly Sapphire Silk in stock. They don’t. The Precious Collection display holds nail polish from other collections. Dear SM, please restock or take down the display.

On my way out of the department store, I passed by the Skin Food counter and contemplated buying the Coffee Nail Scrub. It’s PHP575 for a tiny amount of scrub  in a cute glass jar. The price is still a huge turn-off, sadly. I pay for the product, not the container.

Anyway, it occurred to me that Skin Food’s booth had shrunk. Behind it was another booth with a dimly lit product display. And egg containers. I love those egg containers that contain pore tightening cream.

Tony Moly seems to be big on face creams, serums,  emulsions, whitening and anti-aging stuff. There was a very limited number of nail polish shades — six or seven, I think. I didn’t pay attention to the make-up apart from the pressed powder because I’m on a self-imposed make-up ban until I can use up at least half of the mineral make-up Mumu gave me.

I started opening tester jars and bottles and applying various creams on my hands. The salesgirl kept hovering around me like a deranged butterfly, raving nonstop about everything I touched. I felt sorry for her, she was trying so very hard.

I was too excited about my find to be really annoyed but I wish she were better trained. When I asked her what the difference was between the Mineral Skin Fit Powder Pact and the Mineral Skin Fit UV Snow Pact, she said, “The first one has SPF25. The other one is better because it has UV Snow.” No, really?

(You actually can tell the difference by staring at the testers closely, which I ended up doing. Powder Pact is matte. UV Snow Pact has bits of sparkle that’s supposed to reflect light and make your skin glow.)

That was how it went with every other product I asked about. She just read the short, generic descriptions off the packaging, as if she had absolutely no idea what the hell she was selling, only that she must sell. I don’t think it’s all her fault, either. Training, people. It’s  important.

Anyway, I ended up buying a Mineral Skin Fit Powder Pact, a Floria Youth Energy Eye Cream and a pale blue shimmery nail polish. Tomorrow, I’ll take the powder for a test drive and see how it stands up to my oily skin.


2 thoughts on “Tony Moly and the deranged butterfly

    • PHP878 yung Mineral Skin Fit powders. I went back earlier to make sure that the Intense Repair Dual Effect Sleeping Pack is really PHP928. 😛 But it really is.

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