Super splurge, or Why superheroes are more awesome than you

I have a love-hate relationship with bazaars. On the one hand, they’re great places to buy clothes, accessories and even food that you normally won’t find in the malls. On the other hand, and depending on where you go, the merchandise isn’t all that cheap. There’s very little room to breathe and you have to squeeze through tight knots of people. And because most stocks are limited, you end up impulse-buying.

That said, I’m glad I went to the SuperSale Bazaar at Rockwell yesterday. (My wallet isn’t.) Since I started buying nail polish from sellers on Multiply, I’ve been on the lookout for physical stores so can see the merchandise for myself. I’ve also been looking for cute, affordable clothes and accessories that don’t look like what everyone else is wearing. And I figured, if I’m going to the bazaar anyway to buy swimsuits for Mumu, I might as well make the most of the trip and pick up a few items for myself.

The SuperSale Bazaar had a good mix of stores selling clothes, accessories, shoes, make-up and other beauty stuff. Unlike most bazaars I’ve been to, the store/business owners themselves were manning the stalls. The I ones I spoke with were extremely nice, gave me tips on pairing clothing pieces and accessories, and let me know where I can find them online. The Rockwell tent is tiny, though. Next time, I really should go in the morning so I can leave before the afternoon crowd arrives.

I wasn’t able to visit every stall. I avoided the ones selling dresses and swimsuits (except Soak Swimwear for Mumu’s swimsuits) so as not to get frustrated because the scars on my legs haven’t faded yet. There was one stall that looked like it had a lot of nice clothes but the store owners were chatting at a tea table right in the middle of the stall and there was no room to browse. Tip: If you want to sell clothes, don’t block the merchandise.

In any case, I left the bazaar with a much lighter wallet, aching feet and pretty awesome loot.

First up, these T-shirts from H.P.E.

Generic grey tee can go with almost anything.

How cute are those elephants?

I love these vintage-style tops from Sunday’s Best.

I almost passed on this lace-trimmed tank top because the tag said it was a large. (I’m a small-to-medium.) I’m glad I didn’t because it’s so pretty and fits me perfectly.

This blouse looks like something my grandaunts would have worn when they were teenagers. It’s the priciest of the clothes I bought. Not that I’m complaining. It’s gorgeous.

This tiered blouse is my favorite. Goes well with jeans or tailored pants.

I would have bought more pieces from this store but there were a lot of people in the stall by the time I got there and browsing was a bitch. I forgot to ask the sellers if they’re always at the SuperSale Bazaar. I’m going to the next one just to visit them.

I intend to wear these three tops to work. The tank top needs a jacket or cardigan so I bought this, from Pirouette:

Yay for styling skills! I don’t think this top is designed to lie flat. πŸ˜›

Of course, my shopping experience would not be complete without nail polish. I bought Nyx Girls Mermaid Green and Zoya Lana from Digital Traincase:

I’ve purchased nail polish from them before, from their Multiply site and at the last SuperSale Bazaar. They don’t have as many Nyx shades as they used to, but I’m glad they stocked Zoya. Shades are limited, though β€” mostly pinks and reds. I hope they stock more blues, greens and greys (they sold those on Facebook and stocks ran out before I could order).

Now, my shopping trip should have ended there. After all, I had new clothes , two new bottles of polish, Mumu’s swimsuits and a pair of banana yellow flats that I forgot to photograph. But of course it didn’t. Because earlier in the day, I passed by a stall selling imported make-up and perfume and saw two small boxes sitting innocently on a shelf beside a row of perfumes. And I figured I could live without them. After all, what use is a limited edition, no-longer-available nail polish if you own similar shades, right?

But no.

I couldn’t pass on them.

Because Wonder Woman?

She is more awesome than you and me.

And while I have lots of blues and a few reds in my stash, I don’t own these shades.

These are Obey Me (a vivid candy red) and Spirit of Truth (a deep navy blue creme) from MAC’s limited edition Wonder Woman collection. I bought them from Belleza, which sells Benefit, Too Faced, Urban Decay, Victoria’s Secret and MAC make-up. I would have picked up an eyeshadow palette but I couldn’t make up my mind which one to get. So I passed.

I’m quite satisfied with Wonder Woman. And the candies, which were free with my purchase.

I shall swatch these very soon. In the meantime, I leave you with this:

Harry: "Accio Wonder Woman!"


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