Take me down to the strawberry fields: China Glaze Strawberry Fields

I don’t listen to The Beatles. When I hear of something called “Strawberry Fields,” what comes to mind is this:

Devil’s walk in the strawberry fields

Devil’s walk in the strawberry fields
shiboritate no namida o douzo meshiagare
[mitsu no aji ga suru kai?]

Devil’s walk in the strawberry fields
Go ahead, please help yourself to these freshly squeezed tears
Tastes just like honey, doesn’t it?

– L’Arc en Ciel, “Promised Land.” Kanji lyrics, romaji and translation from Love-en-Ciel

Part of L’Arc en Ciel’s 1998 album Heart, “Promised Land” is an angsty song about love and despair. In their 1998 concert, Hyde sang this song dressed as the Phantom Teddy Bear of Tokyo Dome. I don’t know, don’t ask.

There is nothing angsty about my Strawberry Fields, however.

This happy pink with gold shimmer is my first bottle of China Glaze. I bought it last week at Glam Camp, a tiny, two-day bazaar at Alphaland Southgate Mall in Makati. Applying it cheered me up immensely despite the fever that decided to come back after leaving me alone Thursday night.

Strawberry Fields is a sheer, cool-toned pink. Almost magenta and very summery. It’s also surprisingly wearable. I have a lot of pink shades in my collection that I can’t really wear because they don’t look good against my skin.

I used three coats but I can still see my nail line here. Not complaining, though. This polish is very pretty.

Here it is under sunlight.

I love the way the gold shimmer just comes alive.

It looks so juicy on the nails. It makes me long for a strawberry martini and a plate of sliced watermelon on the side.

I do wish China Glaze were more widely available in the Philippines. I’ve only seen it sold at bazaars and nail salons and online. I also wish I’d bought more shades at Glam Camp. (For Audrey! Urgh!) But I’d just pre-ordered a couple of shades from Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Firebird collection and didn’t want to go on another shopping spree. Strawberry Fields will have to serve for now.

I bought China Glaze Strawberry Fields at a store called Beauty Lane for PHP275 (discounted price). The home page says it’s not yet live but I was able to access inside pages when I Googled the site. I don’t know if they accept online orders already. Digital Traincase carries a limited number of shades. A wider selection is available at China Glaze Philippines for PHP315.


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