Get wild, get wild, get get get wild: Color Club Wild At Heart

I like to paint my nails with bright, happy, eye-popping shades when I’m sick or depressed, or when it rains. It cheers me up. Last Saturday’s manicure served as a great mood lifter when my fever came back. So did this:

This dark purple holographic riot is Color Club Wild at Heart from the Fall 2009 collection of the same name. It is one of two bottles of nail polish I bought at the Glam Camp bazaar in Makati, and my first holo. I applied it Sunday night because I thought it would help get me through Monday when I still felt like crap but had to go to work.

I fell in love with this at first swipe. It is sparkly and purple and beautiful. Yes, purple, even if my camera insists that it is almost blue. Depending on which angle you view it, the polish flashes blue, red, magenta, silver and gold. I took these two photos under a white lamp and could not, for the life of me, capture the purple holo goodness.

Under natural light, Wild at Heart looks just slightly subdued. It’s still really colorful, though.

The silver shimmer is more dominant in the bottle than on the nail. The formula was very easy to work with, a bit thick but smooth, with a nice thin brush that made application easy. I needed only two coats.


I thought this much sparkly goodness would look best under sunlight and I was right. When I went out in the sun, Wild at Heart just went insane.

Look at that! It’s freaking awesome!

This makes me wish I’d bought more bottles of polish and one backup bottle of Wild at Heart. (There were at least four Color Club collections on display at the Glam Camp booth.) I have a feeling I will be wearing this shade often.

I bought Color Club Wild at Heart from Beauty Lane (website under construction) at Glam Camp for PHP250 (discounted price). Color Club nail polish can be purchased from Color Club Philippines for PHP298.

The title is from Namie Amuro’s song “Wild,” which was used in the Coke Zero commercial that aired in local channels here. I thought the song captured the awesomeness that is Wild at Heart really well.


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