Dark, edgy, gritty: Rescue Beauty Lounge Black Russian and Under The Stars

In anticipation of Rescue Beauty Lounge‘s Firebird collection, I’m devoting the next few posts to the RBLs in my collection.

The Firebirds ,RBL’s pre-fall 2011 collection, was available for pre-order about a month ago. To save on shipping, I joined Digital Traincase‘s batch pre-order. I have no idea how long it will take for my Firebirds to be delivered. Maybe they’ll arrive on my birthday. Maybe they’ll surprise me when I come home from a crappy day at work. I don’t know.

The other day, I was listening to Dir en Grey and their songs made me think of these:

Rescue Beauty Lounge Under The Stars and Black Russian are two of the first three RBLs I bought.

These dark, edgy, gritty sisters have a rich, blackened base set off by glitter. The sides of the bottles are pretty much coated with glitter. But on the nail, the glitter is almost hidden, only winking up at you when it catches the light.

Here’s Black Russian:

Black Russian is described as a black polish with ruby red glitter. It doesn’t look black to me at all, though. It’s a very rich, very deep blood red flecked with ruby glitter.

RBL calls Black Russian a grown-up goth. I call it the nail polish version of the word “visceral.”

Know who it reminds me of?

Dir en Grey guitarist Die, circa 1998. (Image source unknown.)

Die at Maquinaria Festival, Brazil, 2009. Photo from Wikipedia.

Die. Why you so hot?

Ahem. Sorry, I got distracted.

Black Russian is the polish I reach for when I want to go out drinking with friends. It is smoldering hot. If I ever get married and have a gothic wedding, Black Russian would be on my nails.

Here’s its mysterious blue twin, Under The Stars:

The aptly named Under The Stars has an inky, blue-black base shot through with blue glitter. It is the blue of an endless midnight sky. In dim light, it looks black.

Much of the glitter stays hidden under layers of blue-black. Even under sunlight or a bright white lamp, it doesn’t sparkle. And it’s not all blue. There’s silver under all that depth.

Under The Stars reminds of another Dir en Grey member.

Dir en Grey bassist Toshiya, circa 1997. In case you're wondering, that's a guy. (Image source unknown.)

I don’t feel like posting more recent photos because present-day Toshiya looks like an old lady.

Sigh. Remind me never again to swatch polish at 1 am.

I’ve read mixed reviews about this polish. I think, because of the name, many people expected brighter flashes of blue and silver and were disappointed to find the glitter mostly subdued under the blue darkness. I happen to love it. It’s sexy, aloof and unfathomable.

Both Black Russian and Under The Stars applied like a dream. The formula is smooth, not too thick and not too thin. You can probably get away with only one coat of polish because the color is so rich. (I did two.) The finish is a bit textured because of all the glitter.

I had some issues with both polishes the first time I used them, though. You know how, when you apply polish, you tend to do overlapping strokes and use another stroke to even out the overlap? I think that was what caused huge bubbles to form under the surface of the polish. It dried a horrible, lumpy mess.

I think a top coat that dries multiple coats of polish takes care of that issue. I finished off last night’s Under The Stars mani with Seche Vite. When I woke up this morning, the surface was still smooth as glass. No bubbles. Orly Sec ‘n Dry should also work. It doesn’t dry as quickly as Seche Vite, but it doesn’t cause as much polish shrinkage either.

Next week, I think I’ll do another vampy manicure. (Iconoclast, anyone?) Writing this post with Dir en Grey as my inspiration has also set me off on a search to find nail polish colors that remind me of the other band members — Kyo, Shinya and my virtual ex, Kaoru. Stay tuned.

Black Russian and Under The Stars are sold at Rescue Beauty Lounge for USD18 each.


7 thoughts on “Dark, edgy, gritty: Rescue Beauty Lounge Black Russian and Under The Stars

    • Yes, I know. Perhaps I should rename my blog Nail Polish Nerd. Oh, wait, I think the name’s taken. 😛

      I love how Die is consistently hot no matter what Dir en Grey’s image.

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