Hot coral for a sunny day: Rescue Beauty Lounge Coral

We’re having a rare sunny day today. The weather isn’t PMS-ing. No rain followed by sweltering heat and humidity. Nope. Today, it’s just annoyingly hot and humid.

Fake-summer days like today call for hot, hot polish. And since I’m devoting these next few posts to my RBLs in anticipation of the Firebird collection, I thought today would be the perfect day to wear this:

Enter Rescue Beauty Lounge Coral, which I bought together with Black Russian and Under The Stars. I believe it’s part of Rescue Beauty Lounge’s core collection.

The name says it all. It’s coral. A nice, balanced mix of orange and pink, mid-toned, not too bright. It looks cooler in the bottle than on the nail. It makes me think of those lazy, breezy summer afternoons I spent as a kid in my grandparents’ backyard, sitting back on a bamboo bench and sucking on fruity ice pops.

Coral is a super friendly shade that can easily transition from weekend to work to the beach. I think it also flatters most skin tones.

To truly appreciate Coral, you have to see it in sunlight.

It looks so juicy. RBL calls it “as vibrant and luscious as a mango mojito.” Me, I’d just go for a mango. Ever eaten a whole mango? You tear off the skin and bite into the pulpy flesh and get juice and bits of pulp all over your face. None of that slicing and crisscross dicing and use of utensils. I did that once when I was eight or nine and I thought it was the most awesome thing in the world. I should try it again.

Ahem. Carried away by thoughts of food. Which is really just to say that Coral is such a pretty color and I should probably wear it more often.

Unfortunately, it isn’t very long wearing. I applied it last night and wore it overnight because I wanted to take pictures in natural light. When I woke up, there was minor tip wear on my right index and middle fingernails. After lunch, I noticed additional tip wear and some smudging on my left index nail. Is it the polish? Is it the top coat? (I used Orly Sec ‘n Dry.) If I use Seche Vite or Dior top coat, will my manicure stay flawless longer? I want to be able to wear Coral for at least a few days, but it looks like I’ll be taking it off soon.

This is the second to the last RBL I’m going to show off. I only have Iconoclast left. Sol of Digital Traincase says I should be able to get my Firebirds by October. That’s okay. I’m patient.

Coral is available at Rescue Beauty Lounge for USD18.


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