Quoth the raven: butter LONDON Branwen’s Feather

We interrupt our Rescue Beauty Lounge mini-series to bring you this belated birthday post.

So it was my birthday last Saturday, 10 September. And I had to give myself time to get over a seasonal bout of depression I have, oh, approximately every time I turn a year older. I’m emo like that.

Which isn’t to say that I spent the day moping. There was a fair amount of celebrating involved. And, of course, I had to pretty up. So I pulled this out from my nail polish case:

butter LONDON Branwen’s Feather. Is that not the most beautiful name? Branwen’s Feather. It rolls off the tongue like molten chocolate.

Why Branwen’s Feather? The name means “white raven,” and I bought it for the name as much as the color. In Celtic mythology, Branwen is the daughter of Llyr, the Welsh sea god, and the sister of Bran the Blessed. She is married to Matholwch, the king of Ireland. Her half-brother, Efnisien, is not told of her betrothal so he mutilates the horses given to Matholwch by Bran. Bran appeases Matholwch with the gift of a cauldron that can bring the dead back to life. Later on in Ireland, after Matholwch’s foster brothers learn of Efnisien’s insult, Branwen is punished by being sent to work in the kitchen. She trains a starling to carry a message to Bran so he can rescue her.

Read the tale of Branwen here.

I bought Branwen’s Feather at Nail Spa months ago and have worn it only once. It’s one of those colors you save for special occasions.

Branwen’s Feather is a very deep prune with silver shimmer hidden under the velvety depths of brownish purple. Indoors, it’s almost black with the barest hint of light glinting off the glitter. Very sexy.

White light brings out the shimmer, and you can see there’s more than silver there. I can see glints of green, red and purple

As with most nail polish with so-called secret shimmer, direct sunlight brings out Branwen’s Feather’s full glory.

The shimmer comes alive and lights up the prune base.

The red glitter gives off the most striking effect. It smolders.


butter LONDON is sold at Nail Spa on Gamboa St., Legazpi Village, Makati for PHP660.

(Edit: I originally listed the polish price as PHP700.  Corrected on 16 October 2011.)


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