Beyond basic black: Rescue Beauty Lounge Iconoclast

For someone who loves dark, vampy shades of nail polish, I have only one black. I’m not a big fan of black polish. It looks so harsh and sinister on my nails. I think I look evil enough without it.

Still, there are days when nothing but black polish will do for me. And this is the only black polish I’ll ever need.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Iconoclast.

Confession: I dawdled before finally buying this one. It was the tail end of summer and I was on a pastel polish buying phase. When I bought Starfish Patrick and Bikini Bottom, I had to get a third bottle to maximize shipping.

At the time, I didn’t have a lot of dark shades yet and I thought I needed something rich and dark to balance out the pastels in my collection. I couldn’t decide between Teal and Dead Calm so I passed on both. Moulin Rouge? Au Chocolat? I’m not a fan of dark reddish brown. Film Noir? I wasn’t feeling it. That left me with the only black polish in RBL’s lineup. And even after I finalized my purchase, I wondered if another shade would have been better for me.

I shouldn’t have. Because Iconoclast is the sexiest thing that ever graced my nails.

Iconoclast is described as “a richly pigmented ebony with layers of fine glitter, giving it depth and a metallic, mica-like finish.” The shimmer is very subtle under natural light. But out in the sun or under a white lamp, it flashes green, silver, red, turquoise and blue in some angles. The polish doesn’t look metallic to me, though.

Like my other RBLs, Iconoclast has a butter-smooth formula and applies really well. It’s so richly pigmented that I needed only two coats. (I usually do three.) It dries extremely smooth and glossy even without top coat.

This is the last RBL I’m posting before my Firebirds arrive. Poco a Poco lands on my doorstep along with Mumu this Saturday. Stay tuned.

Iconoclast is (I believe) limited edition and currently available at Rescue Beauty Lounge for USD18.


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