Brought to you by the color purple: Rescue Beauty Lounge Purple Haze

About a week before Mumu came home for our vacation, we made a very important discovery: It takes only a week for Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polish (and, er, other packages shipped from the US, actually) to be delivered to her apartment in Singapore. This time frame already includes poking and prodding by curious but not nefarious customs people. Sigh. My first two RBL orders took about a month to be delivered to me.

Some weeks after pre-ordering Pizzicato and Piu Mosso from Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Firebird collection, I started regretting not buying Poco a Poco. I asked Mumu to buy it for me as a birthday present. But she wasn’t able to place the order with enough time for delivery before her flight to Manila, so I ended up ordering Poco a Poco myself. To maximize shipping cost, I told her to pick up a couple of shades for herself, and I had the package delivered to her. She ordered her own bottle of Poco a Poco and this little beauty:

Rescue Beauty Lounge Purple Haze.

Mumu brought it with her so I could play with it. It’s the perfect shade if you love the color of ube (purple yam) ice cream on your nails.

Ube ice cream. Photos found on Google. Sources unknown.

Purple Haze had been in my virtual wish list for months. I remember the first time I ordered nail polish from RBL, I took a very long time to decide between Purple Haze and Coral. I ended up buying Coral. But I still gaze at Purple Haze every time I surf the RBL website.

Purple Haze is a dusky purple with grey undertones. My camera tends to bring out the blue in purple nail polish; this is less blue in real life but no less vivid. It looks beautiful against my very warm skin tone.

The formula is slightly thicker than most of my RBLs. I’d say it’s similar in thickness to Poco a Poco. Nonetheless, it flowed smoothly and was opaque in two coats.

Mumu is absolutely in love with the color and the formula. However, she complained that the polish cracked and peeled after five days of wear. I’ve never experienced that with RBL, myself. But then, I change my nail polish every four to five days, sooner if I get chips or major tip wear. I don’t think I’ve ever chipped an RBL.

Since the bottle isn’t mine, I have to wait until Mumu’s next trip home before I can wear it again. It’ll be Christmas by then. I can totally see Purple Haze on my nails as I attack the ube in my aunt’s holiday feast.

Purple Haze is currently available at Rescue Beauty Lounge for USD18.


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