Not too prim and proper: Rescue Beauty Lounge Decorous

I don’t do conservative. I do casual, I do edgy, sometimes I would even do trendy. But I just don’t do prim and proper.

Or so I thought.

Neutral? Milk-tea brown? Office-appropriate?! This doesn’t look like something I’d wear.

Yet, I did. And I loved it.

I know this blog is starting to look like a Rescue Beauty Lounge blog, but I can’t help it. Who would have thought I’d end up loving something as understated as this?

Decorous is part of Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Iconic/Ironic collection for spring, a cornucopia of trends and shades that can be mixed, matched, shaken and stirred depending on the mood and the occasion. Well, maybe not shaken and stirred, but you know what I mean.

It’s a creamy light brown set off with the finest pink shimmer that gives it a nice depth and prevents it from being just a boring neutral.

As pretty as it is, though, by the end of the week, I started wanting a new look. I didn’t necessarily want to change my nail polish just yet because Decorous still looked perfect. I just needed to give it an edge, to take it from workweek to weekend.

Fortunately, I had this:

Deborah Lippmann Today Was a Fairy Tale.

Here’s the thing: I love glitter. I own a few bottles of glitter nail polish but I hesitate from buying more because removal is such a pain in the ass. After wearing Tony Moly Jupiter once and taking almost an hour to remove it, I stayed far away from glitter-saturated polish unless they weren’t too chunky and came in a bottle of color I really liked. (RBL Under the Stars and Black Russian come to mind.)

Lippmann’s glitter polish, though? I’d been ogling them for months. Some days, I would stop by Rustan’s after work just to stare at them. I almost came close to buying a few times, too. Almost, but not quite. Until very recently, when I was coming up with a Christmas party outfit and decided that I just had to have blinged out nails. So I bought Today Was a Fairy Tale and Across the Universe.

Today Was a Fairy Tale transformed Decorous.

The silvery-blue glitter turned a chic, sophisticated, office-appropriate nail color into something glamorous.

It’s like a disco ball exploded and rained glitter all over my nails.

Despite its chunkiness, removal was relatively quick and painless. Even the hexagon glitter that clung to the nail surface came off without much work.

Decorous is available at Rescue Beauty Lounge for USD18. Deborah Lippmann is available at Rustan’s The Beauty Source; Today Was a Fairy Tale is PHP825.


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