Superpower me up! – MAC Spirit of Truth and Obey Me

Earlier this year, I went on a shopping spree at a bazaar in Rockwell. I’d just started getting into nail polish then and went crazy when I saw these at a stall selling imported make-up:

Limited edition MAC Wonder Woman nail polish.

They had long sold out at the MAC stores, I had no idea where to get them online without having to shell out half a month’s paycheck. And, to be honest, I wasn’t even looking for them. They were just sitting innocently on a shelf next to a row of designer perfume, and when I passed by, they called to me.

This one said, “Obey Me.”

So, in the Spirit of Truth, I did.

I grabbed them. They were expensive. MAC nail polish retails for PHP695 a pop; add another PHP305 and you’ve got the bazaar selling price. I figured, limited edition, no longer in stores, nowhere else to get them but ebay, blah blah blah. My credit card protested. But, as I said in a previous post, Wonder Woman is more awesome than you and me.

And she really is.

This is Obey Me, a vivid candy apple red.

The shade has strong blue undertones and looks darker in the bottle than it does on the nail. It’s quite wearable. I own very few reds, and this is easily my favorite.

Obey Me is surprisingly flattering to my skin tone. It doesn’t give my fingers an odd reddish cast.

Unfortunately, my daylight/indoor shots are crappy because I shot them in the late afternoon. I shall take better pictures the next time I wear this shade.

Here’s Spirit of Truth, a navy blue creme.

Like Obey Me, Spirit of Truth looks darker in the bottle. I love dark blue shades, and I adore how this looks on me. It’s an absolutely gorgeous color.

It’s a perfect pedicure shade but I can see myself rocking it on my fingers for weeks and weeks.

I also see so many layering possibilities — perhaps Lippmann Today Was A Fairy Tale, OPI Silver Shatter or Sephora by OPI Celibacy Club?

The formula is nice, thin and very easy to apply. The spills were mostly due to my inability to control the brush as well as I needed to — chunky bottle caps and tiny fingers do not get along. But I can work with MAC’s bottle cap better than NARS’.

Overall, I really love this superpowered duo, from the color and formula to the entire packaging. It makes me want to fire up my invisible jet and chase after bad guys.


4 thoughts on “Superpower me up! – MAC Spirit of Truth and Obey Me

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