This one’s for Audrey: China Glaze For Audrey

Between last-minute Christmas shopping and taking care of a new kitten oh, and playing Skyrim, I almost managed to neglect the blog. But not quite. Because this one’s too pretty not to post:

China Glaze For Audrey.

Inspired by Audrey Hepburn and the vibrant blue of Tiffany & Co., For Audrey is a muted medium turquoise creme shade. Not as bright as Orly Frisky but still effortlessly pretty.

I love turquoise, but the polish shades I buy tend to look the same or so similar that I can do without one or the other. After declaring Orly Frisky my absolute favorite turquoise (poor Orly Gumdrop lay neglected in a corner), I told myself I would not buy another turquoise creme.

I first spotted For Audrey at the bazaar where I bought China Glaze Strawberry Fields and Color Club Wild At Heart. At the time, I hadn’t worn Gumdrop and hadn’t bought Frisky yet. I thought I didn’t need another turquoise creme when I had a perfectly good one sitting at home. So I passed on For Audrey. But I put it on my wish list in case I decided later on that I needed it after all.

A few months later, I spotted a China Glaze shelf at Landmark in Makati. It carried the core collection plus Crackle Glaze. And sitting in a corner on the  bottom shelf is a lone bottle of For Audrey.

It was too pretty not to take home. And it looks happier in my collection than it did in Landmark’s shelf.

I wore For Audrey for a full week and it stayed perfect and pretty. It withstood repeated hand washing, constant typing, rummaging through my bag and digging for lotion, spare change and Starbucks promo cards. Minimal tip wear. No chips at all. This one’s a keeper.

China Glaze is available at Landmark for about PHP350. (I am a dork and forgot the exact price.)


3 thoughts on “This one’s for Audrey: China Glaze For Audrey

  1. LOL I’m doing it the other way around. I got For Audrey first and then Gumdrop because I thought it’s a bit more green but when I swatched them together they’re very similar. Annnnd I’m still planning to look for Frisky. I’m just not sure if SM Makati or Landmark still has it.

    • Hi, Thea, thanks for visiting. I think SM and Landmark have sold out of the Happy Go Lucky collection by now. But if you’re ever in Serendra, you can try Pure Beauty on the second floor, facing Market Market. They have a bigger selection of Orly polish than the department stores, and they still have stocks of shades that are sold out elsewhere. That’s where I purchased Royal Velvet, Fowl Play and, yes, Frisky.

  2. everyone loves For Audrey. We had 5 new bottle in our salon when we bought a new case stand for polishes. It was the first one to go, and i mean all used up, after 5 bottles compared to the rest. Its really popular for pedicures and looks good with every skin tone

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