Jewelry for the nails: Tony Moly DI03 Rose Diamond

First post of the year is something left over from 2011. You see, in my excitement at the arrival of my new RBLs and later my new cat, I completely forgot I had taken this set of pictures. I only realized I had them when I transferred pictures of Mochi to my computer.

And that’s really too bad. Because this baby is beautiful.

Tony Moly Nail Polish Diamond. This is DIO3 Rose Diamond.

I bought this ages ago (mid-June, maybe?) on my first foray into the Tony Moly flagship store in Megamall. At the time, I was lusting after OPI Rally Pretty Pink. I spotted this shiny, sparkly bottle and had to take it home with me.

The Nail Polish Diamond series has five colors. Rose Diamond is a mid-toned pink with superfine coppery rose and gold shimmer suspended in its base. According to Tony Moly’s website, the polish contains real diamond. No wonder it’s expensive. PHP298 for a 10ml bottle. Not that I’m complaining.

Three coats gave me a crazy, sparkly finish. The surface is smooth despite the insane amount of shimmer. Think butter LONDON Victoriana. The formula is pretty good. You just need to give the bottle a good shake before applying because the shimmer settles at the bottom during storage.

The finish reflects sunlight brilliantly. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures under sunlight, and I don’t think I’ll be able to capture it accurately anyway. This is an awesome polish to wear to a fancy dress party, like a traditional wedding or something. Rose Diamond complements jewelry perfectly.

Update, 20 January 2012: I spotted a couple of bottles at SM Makati last night. The correct price is PHP298, not PHP328 as previously stated.


2 thoughts on “Jewelry for the nails: Tony Moly DI03 Rose Diamond

    • Yep. You should see it in sunlight. Kumikinang. I expected rose petals to trail after me, with choir music in the background. Parang Ayame. 😛

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