Fly away

Long story short: I am on a self-imposed nail polish buying ban.

Reason: L’Arc-en-Ciel.

Years ago, they were my motivation for doing pretty much anything.

I have a painful and very expensive long-distance relationship with Japanese bands, particularly with L’Arc-en-Ciel. I’ve been a fan since college. Theirs were the first CDs I purchased with my own credit card. Needless to say, their CDs — not to mention DVDs, photobooks, magazines, official merchandise that would drain the lifeblood from my veins were I to purchase them all — are not readily available in the Philippines. If I wanted them, I had to either buy them at HMV in Singapore or order them online.

There’s also the language barrier to contend with. I don’t speak Japanese. I don’t understand a word Hyde is singing. (Then why are you a fan, you ask. Because I like the music and the sound of rock songs sung in Japanese. Also, Hyde is pretty.) Downloading translations for the lyrics is easy, I’m just not sure about the quality of the translation. I took Japanese language lessons eventually. I’m still nowhere near able to translate songs but I appreciate the poetry in the lyrics better.

Finally, there’s the matter of actually seeing the band perform live. I just don’t think they have a big enough fan base in the Philippines to attract them to come here. If I want to watch them live, I have fly out to the country where they’re performing.

I’m not a fan of very short trips to other countries. Sure, it’s possible to fly in in the early afternoon, watch the concert in the evening, catch the 3 am flight back and spend the rest of the day — nay, week — in a useless, zombie-fied stupor, all so I can save a few thousand bucks on hotel accommodations and food. But what’s the point? It’s another country. It has places to see and food to eat that I don’t have here. If I’m going to fly to another country to watch my favorite band in concert, I might as well stay for a few days and take in what the country has to offer. And that entails expense.

And that, kids, brings us to the point of my shopping ban and this long, rambling intro: L’Arc-en-Ciel’s 20th anniversary world tour. (Yes, they’re old and so am I. Now get off my lawn.) I’m watching them in Taipei with my little sister.

The concert and air tickets are paid for, the hostel is booked, I just need to make sure I have enough money to be able to enjoy myself when I’m there. Since I don’t projectile-vomit money, I have to cut unnecessary expense out of my life. And new nail polish, while pretty and extremely gratifying, is not a necessity right now.

To tide me over until I can have new pretties again, I’ve been giving the polish I do own some much deserved love. Starting with one of the last bottles I bought before imposing the ban.

OPI Fly.

This happy turquoise is from the Nicki Minaj collection and named for “Fly,” the single featuring Rihanna.

This is possibly one of my favorite shades ever. A medium turquoise that’s vibrant without being in-your-face.

Bright artificial light brings out Fly’s brightness. This is the kind of lighting we have in the office. Every time I see the light hitting my nails, I have to stop and stare.

Indoors, Fly takes on a murky, greenish cast not unlike the color of the sea. It’s so shiny even without top coat.

Here’s the thing: So far, I haven’t been impressed with OPI’s formula. I have three shades from last year’s Pirates of the Caribbean collection and they all have the same runny, streaky formula that annoys the hell out of me. I don’t think I’ve worn them more than once. And I’ve avoided buying OPI’s creme polish because of the formula issues.

I had no such problem with OPI Fly. It’s smooth, slightly thick and, unlike the Pirates formula, didn’t pool around my cuticles. The spills you see here are probably the result of long hours of playing Skyrim.

The best thing about Fly is that it lasted a full seven days on me without a single chip and very minimal tip wear.  That’s saying a lot because I type on a computer keyboard for the better part of an eight-hour workday and wash my hands a lot. And it’s much longer than the kind of wear I get out of my more expensive polish, including butter LONDON, Rescue Beauty Lounge and Dior.

Side note: This post is a week late because I wanted to show off Fly topped with Super Bass Shatter, the shatter polish from the same collection. I applied it Thursday night to go with my casual Friday outfit but, erm, I apparently suck at applying shatter polish and it didn’t look so good. Looks like it’ll have to wait another time.

I ordered OPI Fly from Digital Traincase. I think the regular-sized polish is sold out but there’s a Nicki Minaj Mini Nail Polish Pack, which includes Fly, available for PHP600.


5 thoughts on “Fly away

  1. This is nice. I don’t really like teals that are on the green side and since most creme teals are that shade, i stopped getting teals altogether. But this is a nice shade.

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