Good knight, dark night: a-england Tristam

I’ve been busy preparing for my Taiwan trip, nursing two sick kittens back to health and playing Skyrim (which is made of crack, I swear). In between, I found time to make a dent in my reading list and do my nails.

Today, I want to show off this handsome knight:

a-england Tristam.

Part of a-england’s The Mythicals collection, Tristam is named for the handsome, multi-talented knight whose love affair for the Lady Iseult ends in tragedy.

The legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table is one of my favorite tales I read when I was a kid. While the story of Tristam (Tristram, Tristan, depending on which retelling you read) and Iseult (Yseult, Isolde, again depending on which version you read) is not my favorite story, it’s still one of the better romances I’ve read. Sir Tristram’s tale is beautifully retold by Howard Pyle in The Champions of the Round Table. I found a copy here.

Tristam the nail polish is described as a “night blue sky with starlight glimmer and glow.” A deep blue saturated with holographic glitter. A dark, dark sky shot through with the light of a thousand stars.

a-england creator Adina Bodana gives this little style tip: “Complement your blue jeans with a touch of class.” Indeed, Tristam calls to mind the color of my favorite dark-wash jeans (sans holo glitter), as well as those jeans-inspired nail polish collections from a few months ago. Thanks, Chanel and Nubar, but I’ll take Tristam any day.

Actually, Tristam’s color and holo effect reminds me of another legendary figure — and a-england shade — who figures prominently in Guy Gavriel Kay’s Fionavar Tapestry, one of my favorite fantasy trilogies.

He was no longer young. How could he have been young after so many wars? His beard was dark, though flecked with grey, and his eyes not yet fixed in time. She thought she saw stars in them.


There were so many falling stars in his eyes, so many fallen. She wondered if any were left in the sky.

These passages from the second book, Wandering Fire, describe not Sir Tristam but King Arthur.

Like my other a-englands, Tristam wore for a full week with no chips and very minimal tip wear. I took these photos on day seven and my manicure still looked perfect.

You can order Tristam and all the other shades from The Mythicals collection on a-england’s website for GBP9, with free shipping. I bought mine from Digital Traincase for PHP650.


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