Oops, I… did it on ’em? – OPI Did It On ‘Em

I’m back! I got back from Taiwan a week and a half ago but I needed some time to recover from my vacation. Taipei’s springtime weather aggravated my skin asthma but I loved every second I was there. It was easy to get around even if few people I met spoke English. And the food! If I had more money, I would have stayed much longer just to eat yummy food.

Beef noodle soup. My last meal in Taiwan.

L’Arc-en-Ciel’s concert? Was more fun the first time around. The energy level was completely different when I was packed with 10,000 other fans in a soccer stadium and a mere 10 feet away from the band. The concert hall at Nangang Exhibition Center was supposed to be a more intimate setting. But with assigned seating, people mostly stood still and waved and clapped.

Possibly one of my best discoveries ever was the OPI boutique at Taipei Main Station. I say possibly only because my nail polish shopping ban was still in effect and I didn’t buy anything. The store’s collection is up to date — its latest is the Holland collection — and it has shades from a lot of past collections in  stock. Including this:

OPI Did It On ‘Em from the Nicki Minaj collection.

I’m not a Nicki Minaj fan and I’m not familiar with the song this shade is named after. But this insanely happy chartreuse makes me smile just thinking about it.

I can’t wear yellow and yellow-based shades because they tend to clash with my skin tone. This shade, however, is closer to green and has a slightly dusty quality that makes it wearable despite its brightness.

I wore it to the office and people kept stopping by my desk or interrupting me in mid-sentence just to stare at my nails.

Like Fly, Did It On ‘Em is butter smooth and applies like a dream. It lasted a full five days on me with not a single chip and very minimal tip wear.

I wore it the week before I left for Taiwan and would have kept it on longer than five days, but I wanted to do a vampy, L’Arc-themed mani for the concert. Next time I wear this, I’ll bring out Super Bass Shatter.

I bought OPI Did It On ‘Em from Digital Traincase for PHP400. OPI nail polish in Taiwan are TWD250 apiece.


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