Two things

One: I deleted my old blog

I maintained a blog with a personalized domain on for about three years, from 2002 to 2005. It was a personal blog read by an audience of, what, five people? (Not much different from this blog, really.) As I scanned the backup file to ensure I had all the posts saved, I was horrified by all the whining. I sounded like a 13-year-old, and I don’t even know what the fuck there was to whine about. If I met my 22-year-old self now, I’d kick her in the teeth.

So, yes, good riddance to that.

Two: I bought new running gear

I feel fat. That is not whining, it is the truth. I eat like a truck driver, I don’t work out, and I have the muscle tone of a marshmallow. I am not actually fat, but if I keep this up, I will be.

My clothes have been complaining for months. I didn’t take it seriously until last Friday, when I went on a trip out of town with coworkers. I had a quarter slab of pork ribs and sides of mashed potatoes and broccoli smothered in cheese sauce for dinner. I was so hungry I didn’t even bother to cut the fat out of the ribs.

About halfway through the meal, I started getting dizzy.

Was it because I was eating too quickly? Was it just umay? Should I have ordered steamed rice instead of two very rich side dishes? Maybe. I don’t know. I think I was eating fat too quickly. I didn’t want to waste the food so I forced myself to take a few more bites, feeling crappier by the minute. When I finally stopped eating and downed a glass of water, I felt better.

That and the subsequent meals for the next two days (Bacon fried rice! Crispy pata! No more dizziness, though.) scared me into resolving to work off all the grease that is now surely lounging around in my arteries. I don’t think I can go on any kind of diet because I hate making myself suffer. I love food too much. And I can’t afford to replace an entire wardrobe if my waistline expands again.

But running three times a week? I can do that. It may even be fun.

Wish me luck.

Edited 3 June 2012: Of course I meant to run three times a week, not three times a day. Urgh!


4 thoughts on “Two things

  1. GO! Hehehe. Good luck to us both! you should give yourself a prize once you reach your goal. no. not nail polish.

    • Yes, nail polish! Actually, I purchased my reward first (new RBLs, new running gear, I’ll see about getting new running shoes next month). I motivate myself to do stuff by buying new stuff. \m/

    • I’ve gone running twice last week. 400 meters, 15 minutes in the sweltering early morning heat. My muscles have finally quit complaining. I’ll go again tonight if it doesn’t rain.

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