Summertime! Summertime! – NARS Anardana

Or is it? Summer began in these parts around mid-March. These past few days, the weather’s been moody — sweltering with a chance of lukewarm showers. Hello, global warming.

It’s still a great time to wear vivid colors. And just in time to catch the tail end of summer, Thakoon for NARS is finally available in the Philippines. I bought two shades yesterday, one of which I’m rocking at this very moment.

NARS Anardana

I’ve been lusting after this collection since I saw preview swatches about a month ago. Thakoon for NARS is inspired by “the pulsating hues of an Indian spice market.” I’ve seen spices from a distance in Singapore’s Little India but I never ventured close because the smell makes me sneeze. They’re the perfect colors to wear when I’m daydreaming about sipping strawberry-coconut martinis by the poolside.

Anardana is described as azalea pink and inspired by pomegranate seeds.

Pomegranate seeds. Source: Wikipedia

In Indian and Persina cuisine, dried anardana is used as a souring agent in curries and chutneys.

On the nail, it’s a bright pop of purple-reddish pink. So bright my camera can’t even capture it accurately.

It was hot and cloudy when I took these pictures so my lighting is off. Anardana is much deeper and more red in real life.

The formula is lovely and smooth. I used two coats. I also finally got the hang of NARS’ chunky bottle cap and was able to maneuver the brush better than I ever managed to with NARS Orgasm. This is why you’re seeing hairline spills instead of huge swaths of polish across my cuticles.

The other shade I bought is Amchoor, a happy yellow. That’s for next week. I’m still on the fence about Kutki and Koliary because I have dozens of blues that are similar. We’ll see if I dream about them. That’s a sign I need them.

Thakoon for NARS Nail Collection is now available at Rustan’s for PHP995 each.


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