Royal blue: Rescue Beauty Lounge Catherine H

This is me procrastinating.

I’ve never been able to outgrow this, I’m afraid. I hate doing anything resembling work on weekends. But I have a Tuesday morning deadline and I will end up cramming tomorrow night, I’m sure.

While I’m busy not doing what I’m supposed to be doing, I would like to show off my nails. They look like this:

Is that not the most gorgeous shade of blue? I love blue nail polish. It’s my favorite color and the predominant color in my growing polish collection. And I’ve been waiting to wear this particular shade for months.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Catherine H.

This lovely shade is from RBL’s Real Housewives of the Tudor Dynasty collection for Fall 2010, a limited edition collection that was brought back late last year. I asked Mumu to order the Catherines for me way back in January. Two weeks ago, she came home for a short vacation and brought Catherine H and the other RBLs I ordered in April.

The Tudors collection is inspired by the wives of Henry VIII and the rich brocade fabrics they wore. This shade is named for Catherine Howard, Henry’s trophy wife who was charged with treason for committing adultery and beheaded less than two years after marrying the king.

Catherine H is described as a “Wedgwood blue,” a color that I had to Google because I had no idea what a Wedgwood was. A dusty, greyish blue with just a touch of purple, Catherine H resemble the color of the sky these last few days: Moody and heavy with rain. The fine, iridescent gold, pink and turquoise shimmer is subdued in natural light but glimmers and glows under bright light. The gold looks silvery to me, for some reason. Very regal and very sexy.

Despite the amount of shimmer in the polish, Catherine H dries very smooth and sort of matte. a-england The Shield top coat gives it a glossy finish.

It’s slightly darker on the nail than in the bottle and looks turquoise under bright light. But whatever the lighting, Catherine H is beautiful.

The formula, like most of my RBLs, is also a winner — buttery, smooth, applies flawlessly. I hope it wears well, because I want my nails to be pretty all week. Even when I’m not procrastinating.

Catherine H is limited edition and, as of this writing, is still available at Rescue Beauty Lounge for USD18.


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