Be-knighted: a-england Saint George

Before anything else, apologies to the five or six people who read my blog for not updating more often. I get easily distracted by the internet and Dragon Age. I shall try to get back to posting at least once a week.

So. On to the pretties. Meet another handsome knight from a-england’s court.

a-england Saint George.

This little bottle of holographic perfection is from a-england’s 2012 collection, The Legend, which is inspired by the tale of St. George and the dragon. Mumu brought him home last month, along with Catherine H and a couple of other RBLs I haven’t worn yet.

Named for the knight who slays a dragon, rescues a princess and saves a kingdom, Saint George is probably the most striking shade from the collection — a vivid teal with fine gold, green and blue holographic glitter.

Unlike the princesses from this collection — Princess Sabra and Princess Tears — Saint George’s holographic effect isn’t shy about showing itself off. It twinkles under all but the dimmest light. Under my white lamp, it fairly smolders.

Of course, to truly appreciate Saint George, you have to see it under sunlight.

I love how the glitter particles just pop.

And I know it’s not visible in these pictures, but the red glitter does show itself on the nail at certain angles.

I wore Saint George for a full week. Unlike the princess shades, this one did not chip. At all. Didn’t even wear at the tip, which is amazing. It did lose some of its luster after a few days but it’s nothing a fresh coat of top coat can’t fix.

a-england Saint George can be purchased for GBP9, with free shipping worldwide.


6 thoughts on “Be-knighted: a-england Saint George

  1. I’m really over the green shade. I used to really like green. I still like Lady of the Lake better than anything from the Legends collection.

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