The point of no return

Dear world, I finally gave in and bought a smartphone. Watch me type out blog entries on it like a simian with too-large thumbs and underdeveloped motor skills.

While scanning messages on Facebook Mobile, I found a tab I can’t remember seeing in the web version. It is labeled “Other” and contains what must be deleted or expired messages. One of them is from an old high school friend, asking if I am the girl she went to high school with. FB says I received the message exactly one year ago.

I can’t remember if I replied. Nothing came of it, no follow-up messages. I must have held off on answering right away and promptly forgotten about it.

I don’t want to reply anymore. It would be so weird just writing her out of the blue: Hey, remember what you asked me last year, about me being me? Yes, it’s me.

Replying means having to explain myself. Why I never kept in touch. What kind of person I’ve become. Why should bother to keep in touch now. I’m bad at staying in touch. So I don’t. Unless I like you.

Edit: Fixed formatting issue on 28 June 2012. Mobile apps hate me.


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