Riveted on China Glaze Riveting

As I was thinking of how best to start this post, it occurred to me that I am still suffering from The Hunger Games withdrawal two months after finishing the series. I’ve started reading two other books since then and couldn’t bring myself to get past two chapters. The last time this happened with Harry Potter, I read the series over again. (Mind you, that was before Deathly Hallows.) But I cannot bring myself to read The Hunger Games again — it would be like punching myself in the gut. Several times.

You cannot imagine how excited I was when China Glaze’s Colours From The Capitol — the Hunger Games-inspired collection named for the twelve districts of Panem — hit the local department stores. I remember stumbling into Watsons during a work break and grinning like an idiot when I saw the bottles. I immediately snapped up Smoke and Ashes and Luxe and Lush. I’ve worn them twice but haven’t got around to taking pictures so you’ll have to wait another time to see them.

Three days ago, I bought this:

China Glaze Riveting.

This tangerine shade represents District 3, the technology district, home to past Hunger Games winners Beetee and Wiress. As the name suggests, it is very bright and eye-catching. Bright enough to cheer me up from this depressing weekend when I’m trying to beat a very bad cold.

Riveting’s orange base is saturated with fine gold glass fleck glitter. The finish is smooth and shiny, like Strawberry Fields which I bought last year. The two pictures above were taken under my white lamp, and my nails look like they’re coated in orange soda. Yummy.

(Please ignore the dark spots up there. They’re leftover glitter from last week’s manicure that refused to come off. I didn’t want to damage my nails by scraping them off so I left them there. I’m sure they’ll come off when I remove this mani next week.)

Riveting is still bright even under dim light.

Just slightly subdued. Like orange jelly candy.

Under sunlight, Riveting goes completely insane.

You can see it from a mile away, it’s so loud and cheerful.

I chose to skip Luxe and Lush because I thought it would be overkill to add a chunky top coat to an already eye-searing shade. Luxe and Lush combines better with the cremes and the dark shimmers from this collection.

Like my other nail polish from China Glaze, Riveting applied like butter. I needed only two coats, though that pinky nail probably could have used a third. Because this is China Glaze, I expect my manicure to last long. It’s one of those really reliable brands I can wear for a week with little to no chipping.

China Glaze nail polish is available at SM, Landmark and Watsons for PHP350. I believe most of the Colours From The Capitol shades are still in stock.


3 thoughts on “Riveted on China Glaze Riveting

  1. Hi Gail! I sorely miss being able to scoot over to check out your polish 😦 So for my sake you have to update this blog every time you put on a riveting new shade 😀 Happy weekend and hope you’re feeling better!

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