How I almost broke Rescue Beauty Lounge Aqua Lily

My bedroom opens out to a tiny little balcony. It gets pretty decent sunlight so I take outdoor shots of my nails there. This morning, I took pictures of this little beauty:

Rescue Beauty Lounge Aqua Lily.

I was going to wear something else this week, something dark and moody and not blue. But in this weather, dark purple or grey just wouldn’t work. I needed something that would remind me of white-sand beaches and sunshine and margaritas.

Please excuse my dry cuticles.

It was raining quite heavily and the balcony isn’t completely covered by the roof, so I stayed by the door instead of the part of the ledge where I usually take pictures. There was no sun but the lighting was still pretty good. Aqua Lily’s iridescent pink shimmer caught what little light there was and made it dance across the surface of my nails.

This shade, created in collaboration with RBL fan KayDi Kat, is inspired by a crystal clear sea suffused with the colors of tropical fish. I love how the base color is bright and murky at the same time, exactly like the sea. The shimmer is subdued and absolutely pretty.

I put the bottle down on a dry part of the ledge to take that shot above. It was a perfectly safe place to set down a bottle of nail polish, I thought as I watched the pretty pink shimmer wink up at me from the aqua blue depths.

Yes, perfectly safe! Hahahaha!

After another shot or five, I was done. Time to go back inside and take pictures under the white lamp. I turned off my camera and picked up the bottle.

And the damn thing slipped out of my fingers!


You know how, when you drop something expensive and breakable, time suddenly slows to a crawl and you watch in horror as the thing plummets to its death in excruciating motion?

And a thousand different thoughts and images flood your mind at warp speed? Mine went a little something like this:

“Limited edition! Woke up at 5 am to order! Sold out! TWENTY FREAKING US DOLLARS!!!”

So much drama for one paint job.

So I did what any self-respecting lacquerhead would do. I flattened myself against the wall and caught the bottle between my right hand and my belly. I came away with a tiny scratch on the polish of my middle fingernail.

This may explain why all my indoor shots under the lamp are crappy.

Despite the scratch, the finish is still nice and shiny. Aqua Lily has a buttery, self-leveling formula and dries kind of satiny. Top coat gives it a super glossy finish and really brings out the pink shimmer. I used a-england’s excellent The Shield top coat here.

Given this little mishap, I don’t think I’ll be bringing Aqua Lily out to the balcony — or any place that’s more than two feet off the floor — anytime soon. At least she’s safe and ready to play every time I need cheering up.

So the day was saved, thanks to my marshmallowy belly.

Aqua Lily is sold out but will be brought back sometime in November. Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polish is exclusively available on the company’s website for USD20 each.


2 thoughts on “How I almost broke Rescue Beauty Lounge Aqua Lily

    • Pure luck that I placed it close to the wall. If it had been sunny and I was at my usual spot where I take pictures and I dropped the bottle there, it would have crashed all the way to the garden below. *sniff*

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