Stuck here staring at China Glaze Harvest Moon and Flying Dragon

A typhoon woke me up last night. As I lay in bed listening to the wind rattling the glass panes of my windows, it occurred to me to be thankful we don’t get hurricanes here. As destructive as the typhoons are, the winds they bring aren’t strong enough to rip the roofs off of brick houses.

The bookshelf in the corner of the room, the one with the glass panes, was shaking. Every time I drifted off, the softest whimper from one of the cats jolted me awake. I don’t know what time I finally fell asleep. When my alarm went off, the power was out, the phone was dead, it was still raining, and the wind sounded as if it could blow me away to another city if I tried to leave the house.

For some reason that had nothing to do with self-preservation, I still made an effort to go to work. No such luck. There were no tricycles. The drivers are smarter than I am.

Fortunately, the power came back on a little after 9 am. So now I can show off these beauties. A pop of color to drive the dreariness away.

First up, China Glaze Harvest Moon.

This is from Colors from the Capitol, the collection inspired by The Hunger Games. Representing District 9 (Grain), Harvest Moon is a burnished copper densely packed with fine shimmer that shifts color depending on how the light hits the nail.

Pretty as a copper penny and just as shiny. It’s too bad there was no sun yesterday when I took these pictures. This shade is really striking in sunlight. I’ll have to take pictures under sunlight another time. And bring Luxe and Lush out to play too.

If the copper flecks in Rescue Beauty Lounge Cuprum (which I’ve worn but haven’t swatched) jumped out of the bottle and formed their own nail polish, Harvest Moon would be it.

Harvest Moon has a lovely formula. Not too thick, not too runny, and covered well in two coats.

As pretty as it is, today I found myself wanting to take it off and try another color.. It’s probably the typhoon. When it’s dark and miserable like this, I want to wear something bright on my nails. I thought it was the perfect time to try this:

China Glaze Flying Dragon (Neon).

I spotted this one on the China Glaze shelf at Landmark Makati. The salesgirl told me it was from a new collection, but when I searched the 2012 swatches of my favorite nail bloggers, Flying Dragon wasn’t there.

For some reason, the salesgirl kept warning me that the finish was matte in a tone that sounded like she meant I shouldn’t buy it. The label on the underside does say neon, and I know neon polish dries matte so I wasn’t expecting any shiny, dragony goodness.

Really, what got me was the blue and fuchsia glitter, and that awesome name.

Here’s a close-up shot of my nails and the bottle. Gorgeous. The magenta base perfectly offsets the bright glitter. It’s much darker on the nail than in the bottle. While the polish looks smooth and slick when applied, it sets to a matte finish within seconds. The surface is gritty, like RBL Black Russian and Under The Stars.

I’m no good at applying matte polish, so I finished this off with top coat to make it shiny.

You’ll want to click to see the larger pic.

Pardon my dry cuticles. It was around 5 pm when I took these pictures and I was trying to catch whatever daylight was left. I gave myself only 10 minutes after applying top coat before I started taking pictures. I didn’t have time to moisturize my cuticles or clean up the spills.

Top coat makes Flying Dragon just a tad darker. and gives it a slightly squishy appearance. Like a martini popsicle. I really wish I could have taken some pictures under sunlight. I think Flying Dragon would look so beautiful.

I’ll just have to bring it out to play again.

Here’s Flying Dragon under the white lamp. Unlike in the bottle, the blue glitter is sparse on the nail. In dim light, it hides under the base color and winks up at you as it catches the light. But under bright light, the glitter isn’t shy at all.

Flying Dragon is slightly runny but doesn’t pool around the cuticles. It’s easy enough to apply, I guess, but you need to work fast before it sets. I used China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat, a thick top coat that gives the polish a smooth, glassy finish (except both pinkies, which still feel rough in the middle).

Other blogs (like the Scarlet Nail Diaries) say there are two versions of Flying Dragon. The one that’s not neon is purple with blue and purple glitter. I haven’t seen the other one locally, and I do like my version better.

China Glaze nail polish is available at Watson’s and Landmark for PHP350.


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