Mixed feelings about Zoya Skylar

I’m sick so this will be short. A few weeks ago, I received a few bottles of Zoya nail polish that I pre-ordered months ago. Among them was something I’d been wanting since I saw swatches on other blogs.

Zoya Skylar.

Here’s the thing I’ve learned about pre-orders: If the products take more than two months to make their way to me, I kind of lose interest and move on to other things. Unless they’re Rescue Beauty Lounge products, which I’m happy to wait for. Otherwise, it’s instant gratification for the win.

I think this is what happened with my latest Zoya mini-haul. Which is a pity, because Skylar is a beauty.

Skylar is a dusty blue that’s chock-full of fine gold, silver and pink shimmer. I see more silver in the bottle, but I think the gold is more dominant on the nail. Unfortunately, there was no sun when I took these pictures (we’re on the tail end of the typhoon that made me miss work last Monday and made me sick on Friday) so I can’t show Skylar in her full glory.

For some reason, I thought the color would be darker. A denim shade, maybe? This looks like faded jeans, jeans that have been worn for years and washed every week.

As I stared at Skylar, I couldn’t help thinking I may have a dupe somewhere in my collection. Something expensive.

At first, I thought it might have been Butter London Victoriana, but that one has a stronger greenish cast and silver shimmer. No, something else.

Then it hit me. Rescue Beauty Lounge Catherine H.

Crap, I thought, growing ever more disappointed with poor Skylar. So I got myself a cheaper version of a pricey polish I already have.

Just to be sure, I pulled out Catherine H and did a comparison swatch.

That’s Skylar on index and middle, Catherine H on ring and pinky. As you can see, Catherine H is much darker with a more pronounced multicolor glitter. It also has very strong purple undertones whereas Skylar has green-grey. Phew!

I’m glad they’re not dupes. This means I can let Skylar grow on me.

Zoya nail polish is available for pre-order through Zoya Manila for PHP400 a pop.


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