Chasing away birthday browns with Rescue Beauty Lounge Ghost

Birthday browns: when you turn a year older and all you want to do is shut the world out and curl up in bed with a cup of coffee and a good book or an awesome game.

Yeah, I just made that up on the spot so I’d have a title for this post. 😛

I used to hate my birthdays, even after I’d made up my mind to stay 19 forever. When you’re a kid, birthdays are the second best days in the world. (Christmas was the best day for me because, besides getting lots of presents, I didn’t have to go to school.) Then you get older and every birthday serves as a stark reminder of everything you haven’t accomplished yet that you keep telling yourself you will. Travel to Europe, watch a Dir en Grey concert, watch L’Arc-en-Ciel play “Pieces” live, visit the bookstores in Paris and New York. Among other things.

I know it’s stupid to think that way and it’s not fair to myself, but I can’t help it.

At least the last few birthdays haven’t been as bad. Or maybe I’ve learned to be kind to myself. I still don’t like having lots of people around, though. I always celebrate with friends and family the day after. (Except, you know, 9/11 happened, and every time I think about it while blowing out candles, I feel bad all over again. Urgh.)

To cheer myself up, I would go shopping or get a haircut and a massage, then treat myself to an expensive meal. I don’t get paid until Thursday, though, so I painted my nails instead.

This is what I’m rocking right now:

Rescue Beauty Lounge Ghost. (Ghost being only a part of the original name. It had to be tweaked because of intellectual property issues. Which is too bad because the story behind the shade and the collection it comes from is beautiful.)

Ghost is a dreamy shade of brown infused with metallic shimmer, mostly gold though I can see pink and orange at certain angles. Now, I don’t have a lot of browns because neutrals don’t get me excited as blues and purples do. But the browns I do have are all gorgeous, and Ghost is my favorite.

The color reminds me of freshly roasted coffee beans, perfectly smooth, glistening with a light coat of oil and ready to be ground and brewed or pressed. I’m drinking a cup of kapeng barako as I type this. While the color isn’t identical, it has the same warm, rich brown tone.

I also love the name. Ghost. It reminds me of this:

Jon Snow and Ghost

RBL Ghost has a slightly thicker formula than most other RBLs I own, but application isn’t a problem. In fact, Ghost is a perfect one-coater. But I used two coats. Force of habit.

The polish dries slightly matte, so you want to use a good top coat to finish it off to a high shine. Since it’s metallic, some brush strokes will show, but it is still gorgeous.

It makes me forget I feel crappy today.

Ghost is limited edition and, as of this writing, still available at Rescue Beauty Lounge for USD20.


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