Back with Rescue Beauty Lounge Poppy

Er, yer, I’m back. Apologies to the four or five people who read my blog for disappearing for a month or so. Real life has been getting in the way. But I am back, down with a cold, but armed with pretty, pretty nail polish to show off.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Poppy, whose pictures have been sitting in my hard drive for weeks.

I’m not a big fan of red nail polish because it doesn’t go as well with my skin tone as other colors do. Warm reds make my fingers look too yellow and cool reds make them look too dark.

Still, when I saw swatches of Poppy on other blogs, I thought the shade might suit me.

And it does!

Rescue Beauty Lounge Poppy is a vivid poppy red with red, pink and gold shimmer. I was afraid it was going to be very similar to RBL Coral, which I already have, but it isn’t. Poppy is less pink and more red/coral. The shimmer is almost invisible on the nail but it gives the shade more depth and a cooler tone.

Unfortunately, there was no sun when I took these pictures. It might have been raining.

Here’s Poppy under artificial light. The shimmer inside the bottle isn’t shy at all.

Application is extremely easy. I’m a huge fan of RBL’s shimmer formulas — not too thick, not too thin, almost a one-coater, doesn’t spill or pool around the cuticles, and last for days without chipping.

Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polish is available on the company’s website for USD20. As of this writing, Poppy is still available.


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