Playing with fairy dust – Ozotic Sugar 902

Sorry for disappearing again. Little sister borrowed my camera for school for a few weeks so I was unable to take pictures of pretty polish to show off. Here’s a quick one before I start making Christmas dinner.

Ozotic Sugar 902

Ozotic Sugar 902, which is my first polish by this brand. I read good things about Australian nail polish brands (Picture Polish, Glitter Gal, to name a couple) and this week I finally was able to try one. Unfortunately, my camera doesn’t accurately capture the intense purple and magenta shimmer in the bottle. But the color on my nails is spot on.

Ozotic Sugar 902 1

Ozotic‘s Sugar line is described as “Inspired by ‘adding a tiny drop of food colouring to icing sugar’ hence the sugary sweet looking colours!” Think fairy cakes and duochrome sparkles. The first time I watched the cartoon Adventure Time, I thought Princess Bubblegum was called Princess Rainbow Sparkles. That’s what 902 is.

I layered it over my second favorite black polish, a-england Camelot.

Ozotic Sugar 902 3

It’s so pretty, I imagine my nails trailing fairy dust as I walk.

Ozotic Sugar 902 2

Have a magical holiday season, everyone!

Ozotic Sugar is available at piCture pOlish. I purchased mine from local seller Polish Please for PHP660.


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