Brightening up with Picture Polish Honeydew

Typhoon season’s already started and the weather has been dismal for the past two weeks. To get myself in the mood for, well, anything, I’ve been painting my nails in bright colors. This week’s pick-me-up color was Picture Polish Honeydew.

Picture Polish Honey Dew

Monica of Polish Please — which carries a number of indie nail polish brands like Ozotic, Cirque, and one of my favorites, a-england — gave me a chance to try this Australian brand. Picture Polish is one of those brands I keep reading good things about — extensive color collection, three-free formula, a collaboration with polish lovers that produced awesome shades (all of which I will someday get my hands on, I swear *checks wallet, sighs*). I like their take on nail polish because they’re all about color and personality. Notice how the polish name is front and center, and each shade comes with a short, quirky description.

Picture Polish Honey Dew

I selected Honeydew because it’s unlike any other pastel shade I own. It’s very bright light green. Does that make sense? Not a neon. I took that picture up there in direct natural light and you can see how the color just pops. Most pastels tend to look chalky. This one doesn’t.

Picture Polish Honey Dew

Here’s a shot in indoor light. The shade is cool-toned and gave my fingers a bit of a red cast. I wouldn’t quite say lobster hands, but close. After a few days, the brightness faded and the color warmed up a bit.

Now, pastels usually go on streaky, and Honeydew is no exception. Its formula is also thicker than other creme polish I own. Since I tend to be heavy-handed with application, the formula was a challenge for me to work with.

Picture Polish Honey Dew

Here, I’m wearing a full mani on my left hand. Three coats, as thin as I could make them. I don’t think Honeydew’s formula is self-leveling. Top coat evened out most of the streaks but you can still see some brush strokes up there.

I already knew just by looking that I don’t have a color like Honeydew in my collection. But just for fun, I pulled out similar shades and wore swatches on my right hand to see how they’d compare in terms of color, brightness and wear.

Picture Polish Honeydew comparison

Left to right: Orly Frisky, Orly Gumdrop, Picture Polish Honeydew, MAC Mischievous Mint, China Glaze For Audrey

Before Honeydew came along, I thought Frisky was the brightest pastel I owned. But just looking at the bottles, you can see they’re not even close.

Picture Polish Honeydew comparison

Pinkie: Orly Frisky
Ring: Orly Gumdrop
Middle: Picture Polish Honeydew
Index: MAC Mischievous Mint
Thumb: China Glaze For Audrey

Frisky is really blue, not green. And while it still looks bright on the nail, it’s not as in-your-face as Honeydew. Gumdrop is slightly murky. Mischievous Mint, which comes with the most annoying brush in the world (it’s just wonky and there’s a stray bristle that flaps about at an odd angle and urgh!), has more blue in it and isn’t as bright. For Audrey leans blue and appears slightly dusty.

In terms of wear, well, with all the umbrella-wrangling, typing on a keyboard for seven hours a day, rummaging in my bag for coins, lip gloss and other essentials, Honeydew showed tip wear after three days and chipped after four. Not as long lasting on me as, say, OPI, but not bad given the amount of abuse my nails usually take. Gumdrop chipped after less than a day, Frisky after three but only because it’s on my pinkie, Mischievous Mint and For Audrey after four.

All in all, I love the shade but I wish the formula were easier for me to work with. I can see myself rocking Honeydew on my toenails with flip flops on a wet, miserable day.

If you live in the Philippines, you can get Picture Polish through Polish Please for PHP600 to PHP660 a bottle. You can find the entire collection on Picture Polish‘s website where they sell for AUD10 a bottle.

Disclosure: Product sample provided by Polish Please.


4 thoughts on “Brightening up with Picture Polish Honeydew

  1. 600-660 per bottle is quite expensive. Is this Australian? Anyway, It’s a nice shade of pastel green. I usually hate pastels.

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