Miss Bossy Pants gets flaky

Is it summer in the Philippines yet? It’s starting to feel like it. It’s not as hot as I know it will be in May and June but my cats no longer allow me to snuggle them. (Or, I don’t know, they could just be hitting puberty.)

It’s as good a time as any to wear something bright and cheerful. Like this:

Sephora by OPI Miss Bossy Pants from the Glee collection. I got it as part of a 6-piece mini kit. Yes, that’s a mini bottle. I have small hands.

This yummy raspberry shade reminds me of candy and ice pops. And cough syrup.

At two coats, I thought it still looked sheer, though there’s no visible nail line. It’s not so bright and interesting that it makes me want to keep it on for a full week, though. Miss Bossy Pants needed something to make her a bit sexier. Something like this:

With one coat of Nfu-Oh 51, my sugary sweet ice pop transforms into a berry martini ice pop. Or something. I’m pretty sure berry martinis don’t look like this.

Nfu-Oh 51 has a sheer purple jelly base, duochrome flake glitter and fine orange and purple shimmer that turn Miss Bossy Pants into a shimmery fuchsia. The flakies don’t photograph well under artificial light, though.

Out in natural light, the flakies flash orange, green, gold, sometimes blue depending on the angle.

Still looks like candy.

Sephora by OPI’s Glee collection is a limited edition. I got my 6-piece mini set from eBay. I ordered my Nfu-Oh nail polish from nfuohmanila at yahoo dot com for PHP600.


3 thoughts on “Miss Bossy Pants gets flaky

    • The last shot reminds me of Maxx Cherry. Or Strepsils Cherry. Or… other cherry-colored, cherry-flavored stuff. 😛

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